1. What is Company Inc. (United States)?

There are many ways to start a business in United States of America (USA).Most Popular Business Types are:-
1. Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) - An LLC is a separate entity that can have its own rights and responsibilities, similar to an individual or corporation. For example, LLCs can buy property, lend money, invest money, make contracts, sue and be sued. States typically require annual report filings for LLCs, similar to corporate annual reports. The owners of an LLC are called “members” (similar to shareholders of a corporation). Some classes of members may have different or greater rights than others. 

2. S Corporations (S Corps) are a common entity choice for closely held businesses. S Corporations are taxed by the IRS as pass-through entities, unlike C Corporations that have to pay income tax at the corporate level. Because of pass-through taxation, the S Corporation itself typically doesn’t pay federal income tax on its business income, the way a C Corporation does. 
For the closely held business, operating as an S Corporation avoids the “double-taxation” you would otherwise have to pay on C Corp dividends. The reason for this “double-taxation” is: C Corporations pay their own tax on income, and, C Corp shareholders generally pay tax on dividends. In this sense, C Corporation dividend income is taxable twice: once to the C Corp and a second time to the shareholder.

3. C-Corp-A C Corporation (C Corp) is a separate entity – it can own its own property, enter into contracts, sue or be sued in court, and lend or invest money. The entity is created once you incorporate in a state. Like other business entities, corporations file annual reports.  The business owners of a c corporation are called shareholders. Corporations are owned by shareholders (or stockholders) and managed by directors and officers. Corporations could have hundreds or thousands of shareholders. A corporation’s board of directors is elected by shareholders and is responsible for overseeing corporate business and affairs. Corporate officers carry out the day-to-day management of the corporation.

2. Requirements of Incorporating LLC & Corporations?

LLC- Incorporating LLC generally involves properly filing your Articles of Organization (also called Certificate of Organization), designating your registered agent, and paying the state’s fee. You’ll also typically adopt an operating agreement. Even if your state doesn’t technically require an operating agreement, it’s usually better for your business if you have one. 
States vary in what they ask for in the Articles of Organization. Generally, many states ask for the following type of information:

  • LLC’s name
  • LLC’s registered agent and registered office
  • Who’s forming the LLC

Corporations- The process of incorporation involves properly filing your Articles of Incorporation, designating your registered agent, and paying the state’s fee. You’ll also typically hold an organizational meeting and adopt corporate bylaws.
Each state has its own rules on what it asks for in the Articles of Incorporation. Typically, articles of incorporation contain: 

  • Corporation’s name
  • Number of authorized shares (per class of shares and with description of rights)
  • Corporation’s registered agent and registered office
  • Names and addresses of incorporators  

3. Documents Required?

1. Two Passport Size Photographs of each director/subscriber.
2. PAN Card (Self Attested & Certified by Gazetted officer/Notary) of each director/subscriber.
3. Address Proof (Passport/Driving License/Voter id/ Aadhaar card ) (Self Attested & Certified by Gazetted officer/Notary ) (Details should match the details of PAN) of each director/subscriber.
4. Other Details of Directors, subscribers, Proposed Business, its objectives etc.
5. Copy of Proof of Proposed Reg. office in USA
6. Other Documents Required Depend on the Type of Business & State in which the company is to be incorporated  
7. Other Forms/Documents required are to be Provided/Prepared by us.

4. Time Required for Company Incorporation?

Baxicorporate will get the company incorporated within 30-45 working days subject to  processing time by US Authorities.

5. Pricing ?

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